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Had an Anti-Wrinkle Toxin or filler botch job and need advice?

Are you a practitioner with a difficult case?

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For £50 including VAT, our Aesthetics Doctor (Michael Aicken) with 10 years experience in Anti-Wrinkle Toxin and Fillers will review your photos and/or questions and write a reply to your question within 72 hours. If you have attended any Visage Academy course in the past 2 years, feel free to ask for free at

STEP 1: Decide on your question. Photos will usually help give a better answer, but aren’t 100% necessary. If sending photos of someone other than yourself, make sure that you have their permission. Photos received will be kept strictly confidential and only viewed by our GMC registered Doctor.

STEP 2: Make your payment, using the Paypal button below.

STEP 3: Forward your Paypal receipt to along with your question or query.