Recap – Visage Academy Online Courses

Fancy a recap on the Visage Academy Foundation Course?

It’s ok if you couldn’t take it all in – or you did take it all in but it has fallen out again!

Receive a one-year subscription to the Foundation Course online modules for £240 (including VAT)


Want a bit more info, to boost your knowledge and get some more verifiable CPD time logged? Had a nightmare with Botox top-ups or lumpy lips and want to figure out where it all went wrong? Maybe you’d like access to the Advanced Course online modules? A one-year subscription to the Advanced Course online modules is £240 (including VAT).

OR get a year’s access to both (the “e-Diploma”) for £420 (including VAT).

You can read about the course content for each at www.cosmeticappraisal.com before making a decision, then to gain access to one or the other or both, select from the list below and pay with PayPal. Then we’ll email you with login details and you can get started! The tests within these modules will give you instant feedback so no waiting needed.