For a prescriber you can use a doctor, dentist or nurse prescriber. You’ll need someone close enough to your place of work so that patients won’t mind travelling to the prescriber for their one-off appointment.

Dr Michael Aicken runs these consultation-only clinics currently in the Greater-London area. How it works is that the patient pays the clinic for an initial consultation as a one-off and then the prescriber pays for any prescriptions of anti wrinkle toxin required, at a rate of £16/ 100 units anti wrinkle toxin or £16 for a pack of Azzalure. It works out at approx £2-3 per area of anti wrinkle toxin. The prescriber then sends the prescriptions to the pharmacy chosen by the non-prescriber and they are responsible for keeping their credit payments up to date with the pharmacy and arranging delivery.

The Rules

A prescriber for anti wrinkle toxin must be a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse prescriber who has seen the patient face-to-face. This is a new rule which came into force in 2013 preventing “remote prescribing’. The new rule specifically excludes this consultation being done by telephone or video messaging / Skype. It is a challenge for nurses who are not prescribers. You can read the “Keogh Report“ where this recommendation was made, on our webpage:

For the nitty-gritty of how it works if you are a nurse prescriber, we suggest discussing with the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses:

What about Dermal Filler?

As dermal filler is not a drug, but a medical device, the above does not apply to it.

However, filler can be prescribed, and doing so makes it VAT-exempt, meaning that you save 1/6th of the price. If you already have a prescriber, it makes sense to also ask them to prescribe filler for you. For example, I prescribe filler for £8+VAT(£9.60) /ml. For example, if 1ml Restylane Lidocaine costs £90, without a script you’ll pay £90 + VAT = £108 whereas with a script you’d pay £90 + £9.60= £99.60. Filler prices vary from £40-95 depending on the product and pharmacy (incidentally, we now sell our own dermal filler, and prices include VAT and delivery with no additional prescription charge:

Would you like to apply to work alongside a Visage Aesthetics Prescriber?

If your clinic is based in the Greater-London area, feel free to apply to have Dr Michael Aicken become your prescriber.