Jawline & Chin Masterclass

Learn this advanced dermal filler technique in a one-to-one session with one of the UK’s leading Aesthetic trainers.

All of our online is delivered by Dr Michael Aicken, who has, over his 13-year Medical Aesthetics Career, published a range of teaching material in various aesthetics journals, taught practitioners travelling from all over the world and gained vast experience in correcting complications for other practitioners.

What does the Jawline & Chin masterclass cover? Although everyone is different, there are some proportions within the structure of the face which, when expertly tweaked, can enhance beauty. Sharpening of the jawline and aligning the chin in the side profile, are two examples of this taught on this course.

Achieve a more defined jawline. It’s a tricky procedure for sure, but at Visage Academy, we know that you can be confident in offering this treatment by the time you’re finished with our online & face-to-face training. And, with the high volume of dermal filler typically used, you can expect to make your training investment back, within your first 1-2 clients.

Why would someone want a larger chin? Some chins can be brought forward with dermal filler to balance the face in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Some chins are bulky and may be softened using botulinum toxin. Either way, it is important when undertaking such treatments to understand ‘balance’ within the face and, with the lower face in particular, achieving balance is more important than correcting one feature in isolation. That’s why this course is only for experienced injectors. Why not take your career to the next level by stepping up to the lower face?

At Visage Academy, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer one-to-one training in the use of Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler for the enhancement of the jawline & chin.

We’ll discuss jawline & chin assessment and the treatment options available. Depending on our live training patient, we’ll then use dermal filler +/- Toxin to improve the appearance of the jawline and chin. On this course we offer 90 minutes of online learning, then a 90 minutes face-to-face assessment and one-to-one practical session in London or Belfast. See our full syllabus on our online learning platform www.cosmeticappraisal.com

Visage Academy Trainees will

  • Hands on experience – you will be doing the treatments under careful supervision and expert guidance
  • Receive FREE access to further online training modules
  • Receive a second online course (Advanced Management of Complications) for just £99
  • Receive FREE unlimited clinical support via email from Dr Michael Aicken (the course trainer who has 12 years experience in the use of Anti-Wrinkle Toxin and Dermal Fillers) for anything from clinic setup to the management of complications and the provision of a ‘second opinion’ on aesthetic consultations
  • Receive a FREE 10-patient trial of Flourish, the online Aesthetic Records app (worth £238 per month)
  • Receive FREE samples of Dermal Filler worth £98
  • Receive 10% discount on Dermal Filler purchased on the day of training (up to 20 x 1ml)*
  • Receive a FREE online aesthetics business module, small-group aesthetics business teaching and email access to ongoing business support from Dr Michael Aicken

*Dermal Revolution www.dermalrevolution.com/

What your course cost covers

  • Insurance on the day for injecting
  • All products used during the course
  • Hiring of live models for practice
  • A year of unlimited access to the online course
  • The option of attending for an informal business discussion to explore how Visage Aesthetics UK could help you establish your own Cosmetic Injectables business in your local area

Suggested Aesthetic Insurance Companies

Often adding Aesthetics to an existing MDU/MPS or dental equivalent policy can prove more expensive than having a stand alone Aesthetic specific policy. There are many companies and options out there below are an example of two that approve our courses:

Tel: 01892 601198 / 01892 601199 Email: lhcathedral@aol.com

Insync: Click on the logo for a quote.

Please let us know if there is a problem obtaining a quote from the insurers or an issue with their customer service at visagebooking@gmail.com

Course fee

By making this course payment, I confirm that I have read and understand the cancellation policy and eligibility criteria.

Why not combine your Tear Trough Training with another 1:1 session?

Eligibility Criteria

It’s really the insurance companies who make the rules for eligibility criteria as they offer insurance to practitioners following training. We highly recommend speaking with Cathedral or Insync about insurance requirements before making an enquiry with us.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund minus £50 administration fee if 21 days notice given. Group bookings provide discounts for each member of the group. If one person cancels their refund will therefore be reduced to offset the discount already given to other group members. Note also that we cannot refund any credit card fees paid by you during the payment. Please also note that if, for any reason, you decide that you would like to move your booking to a later date after making your course payment, this will be considered as a cancellation and re-booking, so the cancellation fee plus any other associated fees may apply. *Additional COVID-19 cancellation policy. If you pay your course fee and subsequently a COVID-19-related government restriction leads to this course being postponed, you will be offered three alternative course dates. If you choose not to accept any of these alternative course dates (excluding any that themselves become postponed due to COVID-19-related government restrictions), this will be considered a cancellation on your part, and the above policy will apply. If you accept an alternative course date in writing and then choose to cancel your space, the course date, for the purposes of this policy, will be the date that has last been confirmed in writing. This still stands true, even if you confirm the alternative course date within 21 days of it taking place.


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    Client treated by a trainee on the Jawline & Chin masterclass with Visage Academy with 1ml of Dermal Revolution DEEP.