Complication Management for Anti-wrinkle treatments & Dermal Filler (online)

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Knowledge of complications is essential

Knowledge of complications is essential. Unfortunately complications can arise when offering anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. Completion of this course offers practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate to their clients that they care about safety. It allows them to demonstrate that they care about their own continued professional development. This course will also boost confidence, reducing unnecessary worry from misunderstanding the risks involved in delivering these procedures.

In 2013 the Aesthetic injectables world starting talking about dermal-filler related blindness and vascular occlusion. Before this, aesthetic procedures were viewed by many as being just as safe as most other beauty treatments available on the high street. Since 2013, pressure has been mounting in the aesthetics industry for standards to rise in both aesthetics training and in the level of quality expected in the delivery of aesthetic procedures.

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Cost: £200+VAT (£240)

This course is delivered by Dr Michael David Aicken, an Aesthetics Specialist and General Practitioner based in London UK. Dr Aicken has been practicing Aesthetic Injectables for over 13 years and training other professionals for over 10 years. Dr Aicken has also completed an MPhil at Queen’s University Belfast where he developed expertise in the development of medical education assessment methods.

Modules on this course

Dermal filler complications

  • Blindness & Vascular Occlusion
  • Infection
  • Dissolving lumps
  • Advanced Lips filler (correcting asymmetry, fixing mistakes)

Anti-wrinkle treatment complications

  • Incomplete results (follow-up)
  • Eyelid & eyebrow ptosis
  • Spocking
  • Procerus hypertrophy

Remember: Knowledge of complications is essential.