All of our online is delivered by Dr Michael Aicken, who has, over his 12-year Medical Aesthetics Career, published a range of teaching material in various aesthetics journals, taught practitioners travelling from all over the world and gained vast experience in correcting complications for other practitioners.

Aqualyx & Deso (Fat-Dissolving) Course Format

*** NOW £630 +VAT ***

At Visage Academy, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer one-to-one training in the use of Aqualyx & Deso, the ‘fat-dissolving’ injections.

Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in Aqualyx, Kybella, Bellkyra & Deso. When deoxycholic acid comes into contact with adipose (fat) cells, it causes the cell wall to breakdown, allowing water to be drawn into the cell until it bursts. By a mechanism of secondary inflammation, the body then removes the resulting debris, leaving behind all of the non-adipose cells, which are completely untouched by this process. On this course we offer 90 minutes of online learning in Aqualyx and Deso, then a 90 minutes face-to-face assessment and one-to-one practical session in London. See our full syllabus on our online learning platform,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the eligibility criteria for training in Aqualyx / Deso?

A: You must hold valid certification for administering dermal filler. If you've trained with us before, you are automatically eligible. If you've trained elsewhere, we'll just ask to see a copy of your training certificate when you book.

Q: Do I learn, using Aqualyx or Deso?

A: We'll teach you both and for the practical session, you can tell us on the day, which you'd prefer to use. They are a variation of the same product, with the same active ingredient (Deoxycholic Acid).

Q: How long does the training last?

A: 1 day.

Q: Do I need to prepare before attending?

A: No.

Q: Once trained, how can I get product?

A: We will provide a link to an online form where you can order genuine Aqualyx product through us with no added fees. Aqualyx packs cost £250 for 10 vials. We recommend 1 vial for double chin and 1 vial each side for body areas (back of arms, upper back, lower back, stomach, inner thighs or outer thighs. Aqualyx and all necessary consumables can be purchased through Visage Academy on successful completion of the course.

Q: Do I need to bring my own training patient?

A: Yes, but we can arrange someone for you if you give us at least 2 weeks notice.

Q: What is the cost?

A: £630 + VAT (£756).

Q: Can I pay in instalments?

A: This is available for a one-off course fee.

Q: How many people will there be on each course?

A: Maximum of 1 trainee per training session.

Q: What's the course format?

A: 90 minutes tutorial completed by watching a video online. This will consist of a presentation by Dr Michael Aicken followed by close-up video demos performed by Dr Michael Aicken. You will then attend for a 90 minute one-to-one session with Dr Michael Aicken where you will be examined on your knowledge of the product and application and then you'll inject a live patient. You can supply this patient yourself or we can supply them for you - please give us 2 weeks notice if you wish us to source a patient for this purpose.

Q: Course dates?

A: Our first two courses filled up fast but we have another date open for bookings now - 30th November 2019 in central London. Venue TBC.

Q: Can I get insured on completion of training and who will insure me?

A: Yes. Insync. See separate section below on getting a quote.

Q: How much does Aqualyx cost and how do I order this?

A: Through us it's £250+VAT per 10 pack of 8ml vials. HealthXChange is charging £374 for the same pack.

Q: How much can I charge?

A: Treatments range from 1 vial 1-2 times (under chin) to 4 vials, 4-5 times (larger areas such as the abdomen). Pricing can either be per treatment area or per vial. As a guide, some clinics are charging £300 for 1 vial under the chin.

Q: What areas can be treated with Aqualyx?

A: Any area of stubborn fat that does not shift with generalised weight loss efforts. Examples include- double chin, backs of arms, abdomen, flanks, upper back (bra straps area), love handles, inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, knees.

Insync Insurance

Click on the logo for a quote. Note that Insync are currently insuring anyone with a qualification already in the administration of dermal filler. When they provide us with more details we will update this section, but for now, we urge you to contact them with any questions, either via email ([email protected]) or via the quote form below.

Course Fee Booking and Payment

We use PayPal for all of our payments for your security. Course fee: £630+VAT (£756) All course fees must be paid before attending the course. By paying you are agreeing that you have checked and meet the eligibility criteria and have read and accepted the cancellation policy below - so please look over these carefully and if you have questions please email [email protected] Select your desired course date below - note these are non transferrable.

Aqualyx Training – LONDON – 14th December 2019

Aqualyx Training – BELFAST – 12th February 2020

Aqualyx Training – LONDON – 17th February 2020

Eligibility Criteria

You must hold valid certification for administering dermal filler. If you've trained with us before, you are automatically eligible. If you've trained elsewhere, we'll just ask to see a copy of your training certificate when you book.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund minus £50 administration fee if 21 days notice given. Group bookings provide discounts for each member of the group. If one person cancels their refund will therefore be reduced to offset the discount already given to other group members. Note also that we cannot refund any credit card fees paid by you during the payment. Please also note that if, for any reason, you decide that you would like to move your booking to a later date after making your course payment, this will be considered as a cancellation and re-booking, so the cancellation fee plus any other associated fees may apply.

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