One-to-One Personalised Training with Dr Michael Aicken

Dr Michael Aicken has been using Dermal Filler (Hyaluronic Acid) & Anti-Wrinkle Toxins consistently for over 12 years and training in Belfast, London, Birmingham & Dublin now for 10 years. Read Dr Aicken’s full bio.

Dr Aicken is now offering tailor-made 1:1 teaching in central London. This can be teaching and supervision in the use of toxins, dermal filler or a combination of both. For best results, it may be useful to combine some hands on teaching on real patients with some theory (as brief as you like) or training in Tear Troughs (allow 90 clear minutes and at least one patient for this).

We can offer bespoke packages but our most popular training package is:

  • Tear Troughs certification +
  • Jawline / Chin (primarily filler, but also the Nefertiti facelift with toxin) certification +
  • Practice on an additional treatment of your choice (Toxin or Dermal Filler)

This can be covered with 2 hours pre-study (in your own time) plus 3 hours 1-to-1 either in London or Belfast.

This session costs £1,500+VAT (£1,800). You can supply your own training patients or, with 3 weeks notice, we can supply these for you.

I’d like more information please get in touch with me

To enquire or apply, email [email protected] stating where you would like to train and whether or not you will supply your own training patients.

Course Requirements

This 1-to-1 training session is for practitioners already certified in the use of Anti-Wrinkle Toxins & Dermal Filler. After receiving your training proposal for this session, we’ll ask you to pay the course fee and send us a copy of your training certificate. If your certification was with Visage Academy, please just provide the date of your training and we’ll check that against our records.

What about location?

We’ll come to you – unless you’d prefer to come to us (London Fields area) – either way, there is no additional cost for this.

How does it work with getting patients?

In your training proposal form below, just let us know whether you plan to get your own patients for the desired areas or if you would prefer for us to recruit some. If you’re recruiting you can charge them what you want and we’ll use your own product for the treatments. If we’re recruiting, we’ll charge them an admin fee and bring our own products for you to treat them with. In either case, we’ll send the patients a link to complete a medical history form which we can then use to obtain informed consent from them on the day for whichever treatments they would like. If you are outside of central London, it may be more difficult for us to recruit patients for your training, so it may be better to supply your own patients.

Add in Staff Training & Patient Flow Management (£200+VAT)

Ruth Aicken has been running Visage Academy clinics, behind the scenes, for 9 years. Although not a practitioner herself, Ruth has written the online training module (included with this option) based on her years of experience of making sure clinics and training sessions run as smoothly as possible. Ideally Ruth would look after patient flow for these sessions whilst your staff member(s) who normally assist in your aesthetic clinics work alongside her and pick up some additional experience which will ultimately mean that you get to treat more patients both during your training session and in future as your clinic list continues to grow.

Discussion of Existing Patients

You may find it useful to have some before and after images available to discuss with Dr Aicken during this session. Allow for 5-10 minutes per case. You may also wish to make notes during this session, to be reflected upon and used in any future appraisals.

Course Proposal

Please complete the course proposal below, detailing your address (full address) for training, what treatments you would like to practice, whether or not you have patients and product for these and whether there are specific times (AM/PM) and days (Monday-Friday) when you would like training.

Prices: 3-hour session, £1,500+VAT (£1,800). Optional: add on staff training and shadowing with Ruth Aicken in running the patient flow for the training session (plus access to an online module written by Ruth, for clinic assistants) – £200+VAT (£240) = total £2,040.