Advanced Aesthetics Training with Visage Academy is back

Recent guidelines from Health Education England recommend that all practitioners carrying out Botox or Dermal Filler treatments should be completing a four day training course. Although it is not yet compulsory for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses (or non-medics previously trained in Aesthetic Injectables) to complete this training retrospectively, we have decided to create a new course which gives Aesthetic practitioners the chance to reattend for some further training, brushing up on skills already learnt and developing some new skills and sharing with their colleagues their experiences so far.

Advanced online modules with online tests

Compulsory for non-medics, voluntary for medics or non-medics who have previously qualified prior to the new guidelines. Modules will include:

– Dermal filler related complications part 1 (Skin ischaemia and blindness) ***example for sharing***

– Dermal filler related complications part 2 (infection)

– Dermal filler related complications part 3 (dissolving lumps)

– Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Filler

– Advanced lips filler (correcting asymmetry, fixing mistakes)

– Botox complications and follow-ups ***example for sharing***

– Advanced Botox treatments (bunny lines, poppy chin, depressor oris angularis, lipstick lines, lower extended crows feet)

Practical Skills (half day of assessments and half day of simulated clinic with small group teaching)

Face-to-face assessment of advanced-level skills using mannequins (3 Botox cases and 3 filler cases) in the morning followed by an afternoon small group teaching session with real patients in a simulated clinic- with an emphasis on more advanced skills. In the afternoon, trainees will receive additional assessment and feedback on their practical skills, but in a more group-orientated and informal manner than the morning session.

The assessments which take place on this course will form part of the trainee’s self-managed log-book. As part of the new guidelines, trainees are expected to observe 10 Botox and 10 filler treatments then be observed performing 10 Botox and 10 filler treatments. Our face-to-face assessments using mannequins will allow trainees the opportunity to record their first cases in their log-book.

Location- initially, this advanced training will only take place at our central London venue but in future it may be possible to extend this to our venues in Northern Ireland.

Dates- the first date that we will offer this new training structure will be:

Sunday 29th May 2016: ‘Advanced’

(the advanced online modules and the associated online tests will be provided free of charge to those attending the practical training day)


If attending a practical training day, the prices are as follows: £699 for one person, £675 per person for two booking together and £649 per person for three booking together. All prices are exclusive of VAT which is charged at 20%.

However there will be discount applied to

– Anyone (‘Medics’ or ‘Non-Medics’) wishing to attend for Advanced training who has previously completed Foundation training with Visage Academy

– ‘Non-Medics’ wishing to complete their full certification in one weekend (i.e. completing the Foundation training and Advanced training)

The discount is £100 per person plus VAT.

e.g. a Dentist who previously trained with us on the Foundation course and now wishes to attend for the Advanced training would pay £599 + VAT (£718.80) and receive our advanced modules, advanced face-to-face practical assessment and take part in our advanced simulated clinic.

A Dental Hygienist / Therapist, wishing to attend for full certification in one weekend would require both Foundation & Advanced training and would pay £699 + £699 – £100 discount (+ VAT) = £1557.60

Any questions, email

Dr Michael Aicken

Trainer, Visage Academy